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Thyroxine nightmare.....Have you tried holistic therapy?

Hi all,

My mum was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in June 2011. During that time, her thyroxine replacement levels have gone up from 50mg to 75mg to 100mg. However, she still doesn't feel back to her old self.

Has anyone had any success with any holistic/alternative therapies?

Your input would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Cate

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The web sites of many, many "alternative" practitioners of many sorts say that hypothyroidism has to be treated (with whatever thyroid hormones are appropriate) - and anything they can do needs to be on top rather than instead. (There a few who claim otherwise.)

What you really need to do is get hold of mum's blood test results (including reference ranges) and post them here.

It would be all too likely that she has been persistently under-medicated throughout.

Also, if possible, she should be tested for:

vitamin B12



vitamin D



I am a reiki practitioner myself and can tell you that whilst I have seen great results for other conditions, with my thyroid I only use it for relaxation and wellbeing. So although I feel better transiently, my levels are never altered. I do have regular reflexology and can tell you that whenever my reflex says my thyroid levels need topping up she is always right. But it needs meds to fix.

To summarise, reiki and reflex help me cope with hypothyroid, but don't fix it.

My doc refuses to test for B12 or D, but I have felt better since taking Immunace (multi bitamin and mineral supplement) .



Yes. Worth talking to a functional practitioner. She might have another condition as well eg. adrenal fatigue, another autoimmune condition if she has Hashimoto's (some travel together; a lot share symptoms). She could be deficient in B12, ferritin, folate, vitamin D, selenium of she can't absorb properly (has a gut disorder or autoimmune disease).

Before she starts trying something else it's sensible to talk to someone holistic. Thryoid-immune-pancreas-liver-gut-adrenals all intertwine and GPs seem to focus on the first measurable symptom and medicate it. It can take years to get to the bottom of things.

I'm working with Dr Peatfield - almost a new woman after 10 years of torture.


Oh - you can do home finger-prick tests for a whole bunch of deficiencies as well...D, folate/B12/iron etc.


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