Welsh Government Green Paper 'Public Health Bill' Green Paper

The Welsh Government are conducting a consultation to collect views about whether a Public Health Bill is needed in Wales, responses are required by 20th February 2012, wales.gov.uk/consultations/... . Our chance in Wales to get thyroid diagnosis and treatment reviewed and changed.


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  • oh pk

    please please how can i help to expedite this i live in south wales, apart from thyriud uk getno help at all the endo i went to see was a complete waste of time did not beleive me and i seen him privately.so what chance do i have on nhs regards brenda

  • You can use the online form or you can put your views in an e-mail and send to this address phbill@wales.gsi.gov.uk

  • How is this going to affect those of us who live in the Welsh Marches and get our endo treatment over the border in Shropshire? I for one have a fantastic endo under this arrangement and would like to keep it that way. I definitely would not welcome being transferred to some new endo within Wales who would probably not be as accommodating to my particular treatment as my present one...

  • PS. Just tried the link and the page is 'temporarily unavailable'...

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