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How much T3?

I am on alternate days of 150 and 175 Levothyroxine. I saw a private Endo at the beginning of the month who has prescribed 20 mcg daily of T3.I don't know if I need more - my sleep is better but I am still so exhausted.

Do I ask for an increase? How much do other people take and what has their experience been?

Suggestions of where to go from here?

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yes, ask for an increase, the only way to know if it'll work for you is to try.

of course other causes for your symptoms should be looked at as low vitamin D low b12, low iron/ferritin etc

I am on 140mcg of T3 only (no levo) however to be honest do not look at what others take, some feel ok at 20mcg some at dosages higher than me.


Do you take the 20mcg T3 in addition to the levothyroxine?

Everyone differs in how they assimilate their thyroid hormone replacement, some need less some more.

The ideal is that if you have clinical symptoms the dose should be increased very gradually till you feel better. Many GP's and Endos keep you within the normal range and that's why many do not improve.

I only got great improvement when I dropped Levo and switched to T3 alone and now take NDT with 10mcg T3 and am well. I also know that many do well on levothyroxine too.


Yes I do take it in addition to the Levo. Levo always worked okay for me in previous years. I have had all of my other levels checked for iron etc etc and only D was low - have been taking 5000iu of D for a few months.


Not lost weight recently have you? I stopped converting t4 to t3 when I lost 3 stones with dieting. I later found a paper on this and it can happen.



Unfortunately not just lost weight! Struggle to lose anything no matter what I do.


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