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Why are my under active thyroid symptoms not improving despite biochemistry being ok?

I have had an under active thyroid for the past five years and have trialled various forms for medication.

My biochemistry is up and down and even when the doctors deem it to be improving I still can't escape from the total exhaustion,concentration and weight gain issues.

My consultant sems to concentrate on te biochemisrty and not how I am feeling. Help !!

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I am sorry you are on the merry-go-round. Many consultants are more concerned about the TSH result than the patients' clinical symptoms which, I believe, should be the priority.

In the ideal world the patient should be medicated till symptoms improve/disappear and that can only happen when the meds are increased gradually

You say you have trialled various medications but maybe your dose never reached the optimum.

Your biochemistry should not be up and down.

You may have to go private I am afraid, if you can afford it. It is hopeless the feeling of ill-health day in day out with no respite.


Unfortunately, they don't get it. Imagine how outraged you would be if you took an HRT supplement, felt lousy, and then were told you couldn't take a higher or lower dose, or a different form based on your FSH instead of how you feel. Outrageous.


I always think of it as a diabetic only being allowed half the insulin needed to maintain health.


I think that is brilliant, doghouse. That treatment would be catastrophic for a diabetic, can't they see it is the same for hypothyroids? I hope some will keep that comment in their armory of how " can I express my frustration to my doctor".


Thank you, wish I had thought of it yesterday when I saw the doctor and was told that my blood tests were 'spot on'.


lol, well you should write it down for next time. It's a really sad situation for so many.


Hi The thyroid treatment should depend on what your TSH T4 and importantly Free T3 are. I need FT3 to be near the top of range ( not unusual) and normally T4 is in top third of range. This makes my TSH very low. Also how you feel is vital.Make sure your Vit D ( a hormone ) is OK. Other bloods too would be desirable. If not happy, then, I would ask to see an endo.



Do you have your latest test results to post on here - together with the ranges (these need to come from your own report as they vary by lab)? That might help to shed some light on things as "normal" doesn't necessarily mean normal for you. xx


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