Affect fertility??


I got diagnosed with hashimotos about a year ago. Done quite a bit of research and notified they fertility is mentioned a lot. I'm 31 now and plan to have kids in a couple of years (my boyfriend would be scared if he read this! Ha ha). But I've started to worry that it'll affect my fertility or that I won't be able to conceive. It's been playing on my mind so I wondered if anyone can help?

Thank you. X

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I was worried too but I have fallen pregnant very easily I kind of thought it wouldn't happen so wasn't as cautious as should of been:-) Don't worry I'm sure things will happen for you when the time comes. Xx

Hey Vanessa. Thanks for your reply. And congratulations too :) how exciting! Thats definitely helped put my mind at rest. Good luck with the little one! X

Hi. If you are treated and your disease is reasonably controlled, you will probably not have a problem conceiving. It is when people are not treated and have 'subclinical' (or untreated) hypothyroidism that infertility is an issue. Just make sure you are well treated and take your vitamins! Oh, and don't worry!!

Hi ejh. Thanks for replying. Ahhh that makes sense. Think I read too many horror stories on the net! That's made me feel better thank you x


Have you got your latest thyroid test results? How much levo are you on? Are you still getting symptoms? Thanks.



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