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Experiences of thyroid disease

Hello everyone,

Something came out of a discussion amongst Thyroid UK admins, volunteers and board members the other day.

I was reminded of Web of Stories on which Thyroid UK has a channel with videos made by some of those who have been through the experiences that many of you may be having now.

Web of Stories can be found on

You may find some clips on there that will be of help and interest to you, and hopefully you will be inspired to make your own video. Don't be too apprehensive about it. Most of us who made videos did so with GREAT trepidation, but wanted to get some important information out there.

There are also case studies on our main website

You may find these helpful, and perhaps wish to add your own too.

Jane x

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Thank you. X


Thanks so much almost missed this such a back log of e mails to get through.The strength, persistence and knowledge of those who began Thyroid UK is a life saver. It is hard to relive the dark days and so good to hear from people who got well.


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