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I do love my GP

Went to GP this afternoon for blood results still low going to up it 25mg.But before that having coil taking out next week as just found out there are side effects so some symptoms are the same as thyroid promblems,to top that may be going through the change so thhat explains why im feeling so crap.Oh and shes doing all the vitamin test.Couldnt ask for a better GP as you see there are some out it.

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That's great news. The change may be because of your thyroid though. It may be happening earlier that it would if your thyroid was ok. You may find that some of those symptoms go away for a while if that is the case :) I'm pleased your GP is doing the vitamin tests. Sounds like a great GP.


Good news and nice to hear.

I have gone most of the way through the menopause now and it started after they removed my thyroid so it is likely you may be going through it early. I am 51 now and started it all at about 46 or 47. I am glad she is doing lots of tests mine did 2 years ago when I felt just no myself at all and had all sorts of problems.

You seem to have a good gp who will be on the ball and work with you all the very best


A good G.P. wow, you're very lucky. X


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