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Hashimoto's ?

Hi everyone,

Just got back from the Nurse having had my 3rd blood test. Back Monday for results an prescription.

What I am asking is, will my Doctor now know whether I have Hashimotos by now?

They seem to want us kept in the dark!

I meant to ask last time I saw the Doctor but I forgot. So, this time I wrote a list of questions thinking the nurse might know. Can you believe it, I forgot my list!! I couldn't remember any of the questions.

It's driving me crazy. Headaches aren't laying off and having several very bad hot sweats a day, far worse than menopause sweats.

Ill post my resultson Monday.

Thank you all for your help.

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Hi Without answering your direct question as I do not feel qualified to. When I was first diagnosed Hashimoto`s was not known ,so, although I do have auto immune hypo never been needed to clarify it. However as far as I am concerned the important thing was/is to have my T4 and Free T3 treated. Make sure you have been tested for Free T3 as my endo and I find this is the most important test.As regards the sweats etc, it is possible that that is a red herring. gall bladder, pancreatits ( need not drink!) diabetes and in fact cancer ( unlikely) do need to be ruled out. I would start with a referral to a good endo but do your own research, not the GP`s recommendation With an endo`s speciality they need a very wide and detailed knowledge of the body and it`s working so usually a good starting point. if good they will do all the bloods and a thyroid scan if needed and then give you a tertiary referral if, they think you need it.It does normally take a long while for the thyroid to become stable.



Thank you Jackie.

I wanted to know exactly what I am dealing with as I am busy researching this crappy T.

bloods yesterday so I didn't take my morning Levo, meaning to take it when I got home.


I felt so poorly, I was soaking wet with sweat, the only word I can think of to describe me was gormless. I couldn't get up, I was on my own, couldn't even get to the phone.

I took my Levo (100) + a 25mg as I knew it was because I was desperate for them.

For 3 hours I couldn't move and eventually fell asleep,really thought I was going to die!

My husband woke me when he got home an I managed to get up, use the loo an get to bed.

My husband thought I had been in the shower with my PJs on!

Results Monday. I feel terrible.

X thank you


Hi stormyone, sorry your not well! I'm in the same position as you the sweats are really bad but endo has no answer for me! he just put me back on HRT/not good.

So lets hope that you have better luck eh! I'm going to read with interest.

Good luck wakeham


Hi, my levels are normal, my Dr said. So why do I feel so bad? I asked to see an Endo and he said it would take 10/12 weeks so I went private.

A few hours later I saw a Consultant. He listened, then examined me.

He told me I need Adrenal an Cortisol tests an also Ceoliac disease testing!

The latter my dr. can do. The first 2 I am having private so I can get to the bottom of this.

Apparently, an they don't know why, when post menopausal women go n Levothyroxine it can restart their menopause.

All I can say is 2nd time round is far worse than the 1st! ;)

Good day today.



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