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Please can anyone help me with the correct time to take meds that conflict with each other? I take 100mcg Levothyroxine immediately on getting up and wait an hour before food etc. However, I have now been prescribed Omeprazole for acid reflux and that also has to be taken before meals but NOT with the levo!! I am on Citalopram that I take at bedtime. It seems that all these drugs conflict with each other and apart from not eating all day so that I can take them before food but not with each other, then I am stumped! Any advice greatfully received. Thank you x x

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I cannot answer you question but if you cursor down to Helvella's comment aboutomeprazole on this link

Someone will answer the other points.

Are you on enough medication? as depression is a symptom of hypothyroidism. If you search depression you will see a few previous articles. Has your GP tested your T3?


Afraid I cannot access that! Even when logged in to MSN/Hotmail/Live mail.

Don't know where I got that. Hopefully this is it:-

These things happen! :-)

I used to take my citalopram around 7pm (along with my other meds) and then take my levo right before going to bed (around 10pm). I then took my other tablets in the morning. If you did the same, you would then be able to take your omeprazole without conflict, I think. Of course, taking levo at night doesn't suit everyone.

Thank you for your replies - I have taken my levo at night in the past and it hasn't done for me. My other thought was to take my Levo about 5am - for some reason I usually wake about then - and then take the Omeprazol when I get up. In reply to your query Shaws, I have had every test under the sun done including T3 and that has been ok. The reason I am on Citalopram is that I suffer from SAD anyway, but as I have a myriad of other conditions too, I have been rather depressed and anxious. They seem to do the trick though!! Thanks again everyone x x

That sounds like a good plan :)

Incidentally, this is the first year that I haven't suffered from SAD and I can't help thinking it's at least partly because of the improvement in my thyroid treatment.

I hope you start feeling better soon. Roll on April!

Carolyn x

I am sorry you have additional problems as well as a thyroid one.

Hope you can work out things.

Many thanks Carolyn and Shaws for your good wishes. I think, in common with many people with thyroid condtiions, I seem to have a plethora of others!! I have just made a list of various diagnoses and meds that I am on for when I see my (new) consultant neurologist later this month. He has previously seen me to give a second opinion, but now I am to be totally transferred to his care and his previous diagnosis was small fibre neuropathy. That along with hypoT, migraine, acid reflux, low Vit D and B12, poor balance, menopausal symptoms and trouble in the downstairs female department surely makes me eligible to trade in this old body of mine and get a (healthy, trouble-free) new one!!! Happy days! Thanks again x x

Guess I better get myself on down to the pharmacist as I just keep getting mediations added and no advice on what to take when!

I take Levothyroxine (1 a day) Citalopram (1 a day) Omeprazole (1 a day) Ibuprofen (3 a day) and Ferrous Fumerate (3 a day)! I know that Levothyroxine is 1 hour from food and 4 hours from Ferrous Fumerate but nothing else!

Thank you for highlighting that there may be other possible contraindications.

I hope you sort your meds out


Hi Alison - the Levo and Omeprazole are not contradindicated in a dangerous (poisonous) way - just that the two together stops the proper absorption of the Levo - which could be dangerous I suppose!! I also need to take Tramadol but that has had to be put on hold for 2 weeks while the Omepazole kicks in. It is defo worth asking the pharmacist for his advice. Good luck with it all x x

I'm on lanzaprazole I take that on waking then my thyroxine an hour later before I ad my breakfast, it works for meand my endo says it was ok to do thins.

Hi Deb - thank you for your message - I think that I will try it that way too - if I don't wake at stupid o'clock to take my thyroxine first!! Just to muddy the waters, I spoke to a pharmacist today and he says that there is no problem taking the two together!! I'll see if my consultant has any other ideas when I see him in a couple of weeks. The more opinions the better! Hope your drugs are working ok for you and thanks again for your reply x x

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