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medical exemption cert - update

Not a question, just an update

My medical exemption certificate (card) arrived in the post today!

No idea if it was signed by my GP or a different one at the practice, whether if it was my one if she did it off her own back or was told I WAS entitled to it. Will probably never know, but after 4 months of asking it has finally been done!

Who knows what else may happen, I might even get my vit D results Ive been waiting since August for.......on second thoughts that may just be asking too much! :P

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One step forward! :-)


yay :)


my gp didnt tell me about the medical exemption certificate and i only found out when i went to pay for my levo. (luckily the chemist assistant noticed). she told me to go back to the surgery fill in the form and leave it there for the gp to sign.


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