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hello everyone, i do hope you are all keeping well ,now a question do any of my fellows have tried to claim the extra heating money on top of the winter payment ,now sorry this is not disacimpion {sorry cannot spell] against who ever i do not get disablity allowence as my income has gone pass the level but i am struggling as i feel the cold more than the average person thank you for reading this

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If its the warm front scheme or similar, it is means tested so If your income is over the limit then you dont get it and can't appeal its a set amount.

Disability benefit is NOT means tested and goes on how much help you need and is nothing to do with income.

If you are on certain benefits and the weather drops below 0 for 7 consecutive days then there is a payment made towards heating. If you are entitled to this then its automatic you dont claim it.

Not sure if this is helpful, but I didnt really understand the question.


In keeping with fedupsusie, I am also not sure to what payment are you refering?

Do you mean the winter fuel payment for retired people? If so, you would get it automatically if you qualify on age grounds, and you would also get, as fedupsusie has stated, cold weather payments should you qualify on benefit grounds when the temp falls below freezing for 7 consecutive days or when it is expected to.

Disability Living Allowance can be claimed by anyone regardless of how much you earn or other benefits you may receive.

Unfortunately it has been a rather sore point for many years that claimants of DLA, under retirement age, are not entitled to the winter fuel payment as the government have stated that the DLA already takes into account extra heating needs for disabled people.

Hope this helps.


good morning fedupsusie and boo16 sorry about the writing of the first email the brain knew what it wanted to ask but the fingers not too good i have arthritus, i do understand both of you. DLA is not mean tested, so do we qualify with a thyriod condition? thank you for your answers, lanky


Getting DLA is not based on any illness or disability, but rather on how much help you need because of the illness/disability.

I think you should go to your nearest citizens advice office and ask them what help if any you are entitled to or can apply for, they can also help you fill out the relevant forms if needed.

Unfortunately I'm still not sure which "heating money" you think you could be eligible for other than whats already mentioned. CAB is your best bet


There is a payment of £130. that can be payed directly to your supplier,( If you qualify) It is called "warm front" and you dont have to be disabled to claim, but you need to be recieving benefit on some level.

I would ask "Age " the can tell you, good luck.


Different suppliers have different criteria for this payment. I looked into it and I'm with EDF, I don't get it. But if I was with British Gas I would. I contacted them but it would take 2 months to change over and the deadline for applying is 30th Dec with them.

Worth looking around at each supplier and thinking of next year.


Sorry I forgot to put "Concern" after age.....afraid age is my problem too x


There is the Warm HOME discount scheme which you may qualify for but you have to contact your electricity supplier as it's not for gas.

Silky xxx


hi peeps thank you all for answering my questions on heating plus benifits,i will pop into cab see what they. everyone i hope you all have a happy christmas and a better health next year lanky


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