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dont know what to do next

HI everyone...i use to suffer with over active thyroids.but in 2001 i had the iodine tablet.all was fine till 2 years ago.i felt thyroids was playing up again,had a test and it was in range but high.just had anuther test and its come back 4.23 apparently its over but only slightly,,but i honestly feel like i did years ago and the doctor want take me seriosly.just tells me to cut down on caffine,ive got heart palpatations mood swing.hand shakes but to be honest not all the time .going to see the doctor wednesday,how can i get him to do further tests without him thinking im just grumling for nothing,


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Write to the doctor, List your signs and symptoms and ask for a referral to a specialist of your choice. As the doctor is failing to manage your thyroid symptoms and he is General Practitioner it would seem that sending you to a specialist is the obvious thing for him to do.

Say that you are concerned that you have a recurring problem,

Send a copy of your letter to the doctor and one copy to the head of practice asking for it to be added to your records. This way if you are left untreated and it all goes wrong, there is a record of your request.

Good luck



Thankyou Nel..will do that,ive got a appointment with doctor tomoz so hopefully it will get sorted,,fingers crossed.x


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