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Graves-any other way?

dealing with it,Hello

I have been talking to some of you - I have Graves Disease for the second time in 4 years ,now on 20mg of carbimizole. I will also take a bit of beat block I think as still a bit speedy especially at work.

I know I will be asked to take Radiation Iodine. I dont want to as seems very risky. I have read book as recomened - on here .

Has anyone found any other treatment all ?? - or helpful doctors .I don,t find much on Graves - more on Hypo ...

best to all


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Taking radioactive iodine puts you at risk of other tissue absorbing it..... particularly breast tissue.

You can have surgery to remove the thyroid. It is still undertaken. I know someone who had it done in March this year.



thanks - but I am trying to avoid any of these measures I would like to control it some other way!

has anyone found one I wonder



hi- not sure if this will help but i had graves and was on carbimazole for 4 years. finally had sub-total thyroid surgery november2010 im doing ok but suffering low calcium levels back in to see my surgeon next week still not 100% but surgery is always an option i was advised not to take the radio iodine as i have kids

hope all goes ok with u


Thanks sarah

I am interested in that you were advised not to have R iodine as you have kids,,why is that? I have a teenager

did you also try the diet or other alternative therapy ?



sarah -forgot to ask -did you have any brak in the Graves as I did - for a while anyway.



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