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How long before things settle?

I was diagnosed in March. I was lucky, it was my first trip to the docs and I didn't suspect although I had major symptoms. My dose as increased gradually form 25ug, to now 100ug. Thing is in August my TSH was 0.8 and I felt fantastic (50ug dose at the time) Last month my TSH was over 10. I have been on 100ug for just over a week (75ug for 6 weeks before that) and I know not to expect settling just yet.

Looking back I suspect I was hypo for at least 18months before dx.

How long can I expect the ups and downs for?

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Did you feel any better after the 6 weeks on 75mcg? My dose is still up and down after over 3 years (75mcg, 88mcg and 100mcg then back down again) so maybe for some people this is the way it will be. I understand that things can take quite some time to settle down 1 year+ and also some people seem to need a slightly higher dose in the winter. Losing and gaining weight could also be a factor.


Thanks for your reply. I did feel an improvement at 75ug, but knew I wasn't well...my TSH confirmed and was still above 5, hence the increase.

My instinct is that I will be one to need an increase in the winter, maybe I am weather dependant and hence the feeling so much better in summer.

I work in a school and today I have had a long sleeve tshirt, a jumper and a fleece coat in the the classroom and haven't been warm. On playground duty I add a thick, quilted coat and ski gloves and my hands are still blue.

I was losing weight before dx - 0 appetite, since I have started treatment, I am beginning to gain.

I would love to level out for a bit so that I can work out what I need not to eat to maintain or maybe lose a bit of weight.

How do you cope with the fluctuation? Is your GP good?


I think you may well need a bit more time on 100mcg to feel the benefit I think this drug takes about 6 weeks or so to get up to speed. I suffer from cold all the time and have to multi layer this time of year. It's difficult to manage with all the ups and downs in doses so I hope that 100mcg works for you. I felt at my best on 100mcg and I finially didn't have consitipation - which of course is back now. My next blood test showed I was apparently have too much thyroxine so down it went. The TSH reading is all my GP is interested in you are never asked how you feel - so I think I'm stuck with this situation for the time being.

Give the 100mcg a bit longer to to the job and you should be retested after 6 weeks.


maybe you need some vit D if you feel better in the summer you may need top up ?? I was tested a few weeks ago and needed top up ..........


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