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Endo said my original dx was borderline?

With a reference range of (0.25 - 4) is 12 borderline? I didn't have my first results printed off but endo checked back on computer and said this was a 'borderline' dx and that I would not (even after two years) have noticed much difference in symptoms and as such has discharged me on my first visit advising me to have further investigations for remaining symptoms and to lose some weight. The symptoms she said could not be attributed to low thyroid are Breathlessness, Abdominal fluid, Nocturia, Painfully hot stinging feet and Heartburn. She also said she would have given an increase but not whilst I was suffering from breathlessness as an increase in thyroxine would/could aggravate this particular symptom.

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Assuming this was the TSH? A TSH of more than 4 is dangerous and can lead to heart problems, according to the press release by the society of endocrinologists.

A Tsh of more than 2.5 would get you treatment in many countries, Germany, USA, Belgium to name a few.

All the symptoms are indeed attributable to low thyroid, are you sure you saw an endo or was she the cleaning lady? If she was in fact an endo, then the cleaning lady would probably have more of a clue. Check out her specialism on Drfosterhealth and put in a complaint. She is not treating you sufficiently and in fact should not be practicing if her care is this poor.



Thanks Nell,

well I have to say I was speechless when she denied classic hypo symptoms were not so and I am still pondering as to what was behind her attitude towards me. Anyway I took away what was positive and with my partners support have monitered what I am eating and did actually manage to lose 4Ibs in the week since seeing her. She told me to go back to my doctor for a review but I have just had one in August. The endo did say she would arrange an abdominal scan for me so at the moment I am waiting for that and then see where I go from there.

Thanks for the link.


what?!?! crikey blimey!

so all of this talk about TSH needing to be above 10, you get above the magic number and it is still not good enough!!!

you really need your tsh to be under 1 and your free t4 to be at the top of the lab reference range as you probably know


Where I live once the TSH is within range you don't get the free T4 result on your print out just the TSH. Thanks for the info that the cut off is 10, I did not know this, I didn't know much at all about my condition prior to diagnosis.


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