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Massive rise in TSH levels

Hi All,

I've had an underactive thyroid for over 12 years. I started on 25mcg of levothryoxine and over time this has increased slowly to 125mcg. I recently had my levels tested and my TSH (which over the last few years has been somewhere between 1 and 5) has shot up to 47. The doctor thought the results must have been an error so I went for a re-test but the result is correct. My GP has suggested increasing my medication to 150mcg but I'm quite worried about such a massive increase in my levels and want to know whay this has happened. My T4 levels are normal apparently. I don't feel great - I'm tired etc but I have ME/CFS and so usually feel quite unwell and tired anyway so it's hard to tell. I have recently heard that soya can cause problems with the the consumption of levothyroxine and in the last year I have started drinking soya milk every day. I'm wondering if this is what could have caused such a massive increase. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? My GP doesn't seem too concerned but I am - the fact that she thought my results must have been an error suggest to me that it is very unusual...


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Hi,have you had your anibodies tested? anti tpo? this could be a reason why your levels have gone up..especially if you are drinking soya..l have had a similar anti tpo was over 3,000 ( under 49 the norm) l had bee drinking soya since the birth of my daughter( now 22) as she had milk allergy and it was transfering through my breast milk..soya is NOT good for the thyroid along with a lot of other could be your immune system has now gone up the wall after all these years.

l have tried rice milk ( but l am now allergic to all grains ) and l now drink almond milk.

it makes a funny cup of tea ( with redbush tea! ) but its better then feelin ill like l did ion rice milk..

your doctor should do a anti tpo test its quite normal..if its high it would mean Hashimotos..there lots to read about that xxgood luck xx


Thanks Donna. I haven't had my antibodies tested. My GP only tested TSH and T4. It seems to me that GPs don't always know about as much as we'd like about thryoid testing! I'm wondering whether to ask for a referral to a specialist but worried this may offend my GP! How is your anti tpo now? Are you much better after stopping the soya?


l had Me/cfs for 11years before my hashimotos thyroiditis arms ached as did my whole body..when l went to my current private dr he did lots of allergy tests and soya was the the highest iga ( along with gluten ,bananna,dairy ,,garlic and now we know all grains) when l stopped the soya( not just milk but excluded it from all food stuffs) my body was different with 2 days..its why l think l have so much pain at the mo as l am taking tablets that my body doesnt want!lm having more problems at the mo and l am really not well..l have seen dr Peatfield and since stopped my armour thyroid as l am TOXIC! my body couldn't deal with all the armour as my adrenals arnt working. l have now become very hypo along with the normal symptoms tired very low blood preasure aches and PAIN... l should be taking by now 20mg of hydro cortisone to support/mend my adrenals so that l will be able to absorbe and make use of the t4/t3...BUT l am still not able to take more than 1/14 mg of h/c my sweats get worse and i feel awful on any more..l am only taking it every three days ..l have started natural progesterone cream ( l am that age) from wellsprings..but on the second day my face was all puffy and my eyes were like slits and the sweats TERRIBLE! so l have stopped untill l speak with him next wee

ask your dr to refer you ..its what he does for a living! shouldnt offend him if he wants to see you well..and ask him to check your antibodies anti tpo.. so back to the soya..NOT good for thyroid you havent got anything to loose..stop drinking it and eating it ( many foods have it in) and see how you are ..see if your pain wishes hope you get some joy at your gp'sx


You poor thing. That sounds dreadful! Since my ME/CFS diagnosis I have been a patient of the Optimum Health Clinic. They specialise in ME. Their offices are in London but they treat people around the world (telephone consultations etc). I have noticed a big improvement since I started working with them. It's not cheap but they know their stuff. I've been on adrenal supplements to help my adrenal glands and am just waiting for the re-test. I've had lots of other supplements to help all the other problems and have certainly seen improvements A friend of mine is further down the line with her treatment with them. A couple of years ago she was wheelchair-bound with her ME and she is now about to start looking for a full-time job. They are used to working with people whose bodies seem to reject an awful lot of stuff, and have a lot of knowledge on toxicity. It's definitely worth having a look if you haven't already. You can order their info pack free of charge and also have a free 15 minute consultation to find out if they can help.

I am going to cut out soya from today!

Good luck...hope you feel better soon :)


Have you looked at Dr Lowe's web site? He treates people with ME/CFS fibromyalgia.. with t3 only,,

It's thought that all these ailments only arrived when doctors started treating people as per the TSH test, with an inactive storafge hormone (T4). A normal thyroid gland makes T3 as well as T4 and it's very unrealistic to expect to treat with thyroxine only. Before the test they treated on symptoms and with T3 and T4 in the form of dried pig thyroid gland.

Get your free t3 measured before you pay out for anything else.... Lab 21 £17.



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