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Updates on 12 yr old with health problems

Hi all, I wanted to let you all know how fab you've been and a big thankyou. There is no good news though,. Our G.P has been trying to get Jack into hospital since Friday with no success. School have sent home a wad of school work with no cover note, nothing. What a sham. I am keeping a diary and I am so pleased I have, until we get appointments in October I really don't know what else we can do.

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hi l have been reading your blog with sadness as to what is going on with your sons health and the effect on your family..someone mentioned that G O S hospital doesnt have a casualty ,this is true but l am sure that if you visit UCH hospital in Euston road they are part of the same hospital trust..if he were my son l would (at his worst )turn up in the casualty at UCH they are a very good hospital..l dont know where you live? but is your local hospital a general hospital?the same as my local hospital where consultants just visit a couple of times a week..NOT GOOD,will it do your son if your dr manages to get him in there?

l dont know if you live with in travelling distance or even if your son is up to travelling far? but you are able to walk into ANY casualty.

they will be able to asess him...posibly admit or refer to a consultant..did you say your forthcoming appointment was with a technicion? sorry to ramble but he is poorly and you must be so frustrated..with good wishes


Sorry to hear that the problems have got no better. Best way to get into hospital and see a specialist is take your son to the A and E when he is particularly bad.I have been in that position and its a great way to get noticed and get things done.Good idea about a diary that will help GOSH when you see them.Tell your son he has a great name. We Jack`s are great fighters who never give in! Good luck and I hope that the system starts to take notice of you and your son gets the treatment he needs and deserves soon.


Hi. I really feel for you and your son -it's a horrible situation. What has the NHS stooped to if even your GP can't get your son immediate hospital attention? I feel so sad that you are having to go through this. As ateacher I also feel ashamed of how his school is reacting -they could be so supportive....... I really hope your GP continues his/her efforts to get immediate medical intervention and am afraid the other bloggers are sadly right -he who shouts the loudest and also the worry of litigation is the final straw which makes medics sit up straight...all of which is exhausting. Am glad you're finding this site supportive -its the very least we can do. Take care.


this saying came to mind.."some days you feel like a pidgeon and some days you feel like a statue!" l do feel for you..

l would hope you have an appointment card for GOS? on it will be your sons hospital number..nhs number ..there will possibly be a clinic number as well..( l go to the national neurology ( around the corner)and also UCH..all part of the same group so my appointment cards are the same. phone up GOS appointments quote your sons app date, hos number and ask what clinic is he booked in for?there is usually a clinic ref on the card on mine a couple of letters? initials?and a number who is the consultant?WHAT is the clinic is for? ( if appointments can't tell you .though they are VERY helpful there ,phone the hospital on the same day of the week as your clinic appointment would be and ask to be put through) you might be waiting for something UNHELPFUL though it is a foot in the might find it is an appointment to see a consultant... usually you might see a registrar from his team..THOUGH it is your right to see the constultant can ask to see him and say you are prepared to wait..(your there anyway whats another couple of hours..)

IF you think this clinic is going to help..and you feel you CANT your son is can phone the consultants private secretary . you ask to be put through to his/her NHS secretary at GOS and she will give you the can then if you wish GO PRIVATE for a quicker initial appointment( l know that l am speaking to people of all different incomes and finances,l am my self a single parent!) would see the dr at the homopathic hospital on the corner..

you dont have to continue down the private route as you have a nhs app coming up..and he will be happy to see you again in clinic..THIS IS que jumping and l had to do it myself last year ( and once before) april last year l was given an app for Oct at the national( l was already a patient at two other clinics there)..l was bedriden and on high morphine doses ..and couldnt a week of my call to find out the private sec number l had an appointment ..( at the homopathic hospital it was £250( he was a professor of neurology, though my other hos app had been £150) he could see what state l was in and the following week l was admitted for MRI and further tests (nhs) is something done alot having been in hopital alot my self and meeting a wide range of people..

as for your other appointment speak to your dr..he sounds like he is trying, let him and his practice sectretary sort it ..and hopefully he will say what is the better app for your son)BUT you be on there case and follow them up with calls..DONT feel you are being a nuisance ANYWHERE, they are doing their jobs and you are trying to sort out your sons poor health..and NO ONE ELSE WILL BE FIGHTING IN HIS if you see the consultant sooner ,and he feels he cant help he will refer you to another in the hospital ..this way you will not still be waiting for a result at christmas..dont get cross get ANGRY ( but polite!) you get more omph! in you and when your like this ...and more gets sorted...( though l know hard when your tired ,depressed and fed up with it all)thinking of you xx


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