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My thyroid story-Part 1 feeling ill

Hi all, I am going to tell you my thyroid story, hopefully to be able help others who are in the same/similar situation. I hope this gives you hope and helps your fears and worries.

I started noticing I was really ill at the end of November 2009, my husbands gran passed away and it was an awful time for everyone, I just though that I was run down and it was his nana passing that had just really had a terrible effect on me. I kept going dizzy, couldn't walk long distances, the breathlessness was terrible, I was convinced I had something extremely seriously wrong with me with the severeness of the breathlessness.I just could not do normal day to day tasks as it made me so tired, my husband had to have time off work to help me with the children.I really was scared, I was worried to make an appointment with the doctors and then one night when I was brushing my teeth I noticed my right side of my neck was slightly swollen, I had a feel and it was a lump, an oval shaped lump and I though what is this, oh my gosh, this is bad and it made me not want to go to the doctors even more. I ended up driving my self mad with worry which made me even more ill, I eventually told my dad. He dsaid it looked like my glands and it was important I phoned the I did...

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Thanks for sharing your story. Look forward to hearing what happened next.


Ruthyb, Thank you for sharing the first part of your story, I am going to tell my story in parts too. I look forward to hearing more!


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