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I have read some previous emails to this site. I don't actually have problems with weight. In fact I am seriously underweight, but still have all the problems of Hypothyroidism.. I think this is why my GP is not convinced that I need further investigations. If anyone can suggest a reason for this I would be grateful, as I will be making an appointment to see my GP to demand an appointment with an Endocrinologist.

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On page 54 of Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield's book " Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy" he says that ...may affect absorption from digestion and may cause weight loss and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This is more likely if the adrenal axis has been affected.


If you are going to see any kind of specialist, you should have ALL your concern written down and a 'health diary' which would have weight as part of your presentation. This will enable you to make sure that, when the appointment is over, your concerns have been addressed.


Thank you for your suggestions. I will start to keep a diary, and will do a lot more research. I will also read up about the adrenal gland.


When I saw the specialist, I saw his registrar and when asking questions,especially regards weight his reply was we will monitor and adjust dose of thyroxine, other questions asked were vague answers.




15 years ago my daughter's health was going downhill. Constant chest infections, always sleeping and losing weight. Because of my knowledge of the thyroid, I suggested she see her university GP and ask for thyroid blood tests, which he did carry out, but as in so many cases, the results came back within range. On the way out, he told her, 'don't be stupid, you'd be fat if you were hypothyroid!'

We finally had her diagnosed on clinical symptoms by a private consultant and she never looked back. She was on thyroxine first of all, but when she changed to Armour thyroid, she regained her health and her weight. The adrenal glands play so much of a part in thyroid disease.

I can't put my hands on the appropriate medical papers at the moment, but I am sure if you type into the search engine something like hypothyroidism and weight loss, you will actually come up with evidence to show your doctor.

Good luck.


It's somewhat worrying that the medical professionals have to be told what is wrong by the patient.

Thank you for all your suggestions. A big learning curve at the moment !


I know what you mean, there is a certain stereotype/look about hypothyroid patients. If not obese or actually overweight, just a bit heavier than they used to be or whatever...

Needless to say, I do know somebody who is very skinny and has always been that way. You wouldn't beliweve the amount he eats. Yet he is on the decent thyroid meds and steroids.

I don't like assumptions that something is uncommon as it leads to dangerous lack of treatment. I have a very open mind now and wouldn't dismiss having hypothyroidism just because you have not piled on weight. Just because it is different from the average person, it doesn't mean it is impossible.


Hi Maureenlesley. Im in the same boat. I haven't put on weight at all, in fact I lost almost two stones. I stopped smoking in December and decided to keep an eye on my weight as well, so I actually lost weight. My main thing has been the mood swings. In the last 9 months I feel like I have been having a nervous breakdown. But I keep getting told this has nothing to do with the hypothyroid problem. And to the other person who commented on having to reach out to others because we are not getting the information we need or the help I agree. I finally have got some paperwork giving me some information but when asking what my TSH was exactly told I didn't need to know the nos. I am on 75mcg at the moment, had another blood test last Friday so waiting to see what happens next. Still getting crying jags, etc. To come back to your problem, it states that we might get some of the symptoms, not necessary all of them. So your not gaining weight doesnt prove that you dont need further investigation. Best of luck. I think we all need it. Carolx


Apparently - after suggestion from this site and further investigation on good old google, I have found that losing weight could be a result of the Adrenal Gland having to go into hypermode in order to keep the body functioning as normal. You can get Adrenal Fatigue which can cause weight loss. I've suggested a web site - not the best, but at lease it gives a basic breakdown of the problem.

I'm off to the Doctors on Thursday to demand an appointment with and Endocrinologist, and I've only been on this site a week !!


Its amazing. Why oh why arent we told things by our own Drs. I am ranting most days because I feel the lack of information is disgusting. Finally did get some paperwork out of one I saw last week. Otherwise nobody has told me anything.


I think the best information is out there on the Internet. I went to my Doctor armed with lots of info today, and he has ordered a full blood test. I found out last night what the normal TSH levels should be, before being diagnosed as Hypothermic. In the USA the level is 3. From three years ago I have a hospital discharge letter on which (my bloods were tested and printed on the letter) in which my TSH is 68.7 This past week has been so eye opening !!

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thank you Maureen, its amazing as I said. When I asked about the levels, they told me I didnt need to know. Will ask tomorrow about mine. Apparently so I read somewhere. The german and usa levels are 3.5 and ours is 5.5. Whats that all about. Good luck with your results.


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