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Hi I have very many symtoms of underactive and am classed as borderline and can'nt get any medication for the symtoms, because I feel so bad I am thinking of seeing dr. Skinner but I will have to fi

nd a private dr. for a referral letter first because my own GP willn't give me one. Dr S. will then notify my GP of the meds. he gives me. Or I could see Dr Peatfield who directs me to the right meds. I should take and then I buy them myself, but then should I tell my own GP what I am doing. I am going round in circles & what ever I do going to cost a lot for me going private. Which Dr should I choose - I look forward to any advice. Regards June

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Have you had any blood tests done? have you got the results? If you get the results you will be able to see for yourself if you are hypothyroid or not. Your doctor might be leaving you until your tsh is sky high before he deigns to treat you.

Get your results or arrange for private blood tests. there are labs who offer these and you do not need a doctor referral.



I have had much the same problem for a number of years and actually tried a different Dr in the same practice who after going to see armed with a list of symptoms as long as my arm decided to give me ago on Levothyroxine it only took 50mg and 7 months to get my levels to 16.9 now classed as ok The best thing of all is losing a stone in weight while being able to actually eat food instead of constantly trying to diet only to keep putting on weight


hi , i in the same boat , ive got an appointment with dr barry peatdfeield this sunday , but dont know if i should have just go to see dr skinner , what did you end up doing ? and do you feel any better ?


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