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Mother has CFS/ME andCrohns disease

Is the fact that my Mum had CFS/ ME for a long long time and had to retire from teaching from it the later developed Crohns disease at all relevant to my having the symptoms of hypothyroid. Should I mention it when I have my a ppt with the Endo on Tues?

I want any and all tests ESP for antibodies to find what is causing this!!!! Anyone else suffered from chronic constipation as par of the array of symptoms?

Will popst how I get on on Tues


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Bunny, from a purely personal viewpoint, I think it might be highly relevant. Unfortunately, I doubt that an endo will agree. Can't see any harm in mentioning it though to see what the reaction is.

CFS/ME often seems to be a sort of 'dustbin diagnosis' used when thyroid and other endocrine tests are consistently coming back as 'normal'. I have a sister in this situation - I have yet to be convinced that it isn't a thyroid problem for her.


Well I had along chat with my mum and she never had her thyroid even tested for her,she had a hell of a time getting the Dr to accept how I'll she was. If I remember right(cos it was more than20 yes ago) age got some blood test which was accepted to show she has ME. We also talked about my Gran who when mum was only child had to go to bed with extreme tiredness, crying unable to do normal things......could've been anything, shed lost twins at birth and an 18 nth old to diphtheria before Mum was born, but Mum and I discussed the possibility.

My gp has been brilliant relying on symptoms not test results...I don't care if it is thyroid or something else as long as it is SOMETHING!!!!

My gp had even had me retested for Hepatitis C because my hubby has had it since 1981, before I met him, but it's not that!!! The other concern is fatty liver disease but I thought that was meant to be asymptomatic?

Well only 24 hrs to go. I will list all my symptoms for him on a piece of paper. I will post to let you know what happens. Winchester tends to have good services so I am at least hoping for a good hearing!!!!



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