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Is there any relation to thyroid disease, a low serum cortison and/or high ESR?

After having been told yesterday by my 3rd Endo Consultant that my symptms are merely due to my anxiety, being over weight and my ulcer etc.., I have today received my latest (NHS) bloods which state that my TFTs show biochemical hyperthyrodism!!!!!! (Rod, if your reading this, 'your marvelous' and I think you should consider becoming a Consultant LOL).

They also show a serum cortisol of <50 (170-550) and an ESR of 55 (2-12).

Does anyone know whether there could be a link between the 3 and or whether perhaps the latter 2 could be caused by the ulcer (h-pylori) that I now have?

Many thanks again, Shaz

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One suspects that the best anti-anxiety treatment is avoidance of endos. :-)

I just try to understand what I can and pass them on if they seem relevant. Five years ago I knew next to nothing about the thyroid. And I still feel incredibly ignorant - probably in many ways more so than when I first started reading.

Anyway, back to Shaz. Raised ESR can certainly be caused by H Pylori. And numerous other things. It is a very non-specific test.

Your cortisol is low - I think this is something that needs follow up. But I do not have any clear idea as to why.

All the best



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