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armour thyroid

I managed to get hold of some Armour Thyroid from my accupuncturist who is also a registered doctor. I have now been taking it for 18 days. After 10 days I increased my dose to 60mg. I take my temperature and pulse twice a day. I started off at temp 36.2 and pulse 54. I had a horrible thudding heart and breathlessness (which my NHS GP said was probably anxiety! Later I found out this is a classic hypo symptom) I was also totally confined to bed. My pulse and temperature gradually improved and thankfully the thudding heart and breathlessness have totally gone. By day 14 I suddenly miraculously began to feel totally normal. My pulse ranged between 67 and 80 and temperature was smack bang on 37. I had 3 totally normal days in a row where I just felt like my old self and was able to resume my normal activities. However, for the last 3 days my temperature has gone down again and my pulse has slowed, I feel awful and have had to take to my bed once more.

I am not expecting a quick miracle cure but wonder why after having 3 good normal days I have crashed again. I really thought I must have got the Armour dose right when I suddenly perked up. Is recovery an up and down business, should I expect some good and some bad days even with the correct Armour dose?, I am hoping the good days will become more frequent and the bad days less. Maybe I just over did it because of the relief of feeling normal for a while.

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Hi Katy, well done on getting Armour have read good things about it... I've been Hyper then become hypothyroid over the last 5 years.. I had same experience with NHS GP (This morning!!!!) who told me thudding heart and breathlessness were a symptom of my life getting me stressed and absolutely NOTHING to do with my thyroid!! I did wonder if he was actually connected to the internet or had ever read ANYTHING from actual thyroid patients.. As for your recovery I found that when I initally felt better on the Lyvothyroxine I tried to do all the things that I hadn't felt like doing over the many month's which led to me feeling down and poorly again and have found that I have to pace myself and do the basics and gradually get back to semi-normal. Not much help I know but you might find it levels out... Keep smiling


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