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number 2 blog, gone missing read this one in second place!

it seems my 2nd blog has gone missing so quickly..update

l started the levo and cynomel and went away in april..feeling ok

my back went son come out to bring me home..

went to casualty but as l had a new sacral nerve implant the october before

(to help me pee) l couldnt have an MRI(as its metal) l was admitted to have the implant removed in august my admitance was cancelled as l contracted Swine flu..

l taking tramadol and then had morphine patches..l lost 2 1/2 st in weight and was bedridden from may untill August..l was now back to catherterising all the time also.

one dr did say my metabolism was not correct as the morphine should work for longer.

my dr said to stop thyroid meds for the time l was in hospital 3 weeks.l resumed when l left hopital and stopped the morphine a pain relief..l could cope with the sweats halucinations and panic attacks.l kept saying l was hyper ..they said it was the morphine!

slowly began to walk again ( although my foot and leg are still numb).so booked t go on holiday AGAIN! this time three days befor l was taken to my local a&e with suspected heart attack! they found that my my T4 for October was 16.8 it had been 1.20 in the july..a problem..we managed to get away being told to lower the levo to now 50mcg then 25mcg ( l had been taking 125mcg when admitted to hospital.a lot as l only ever manage to take 12mg before having sweats in the past.)

l had new bloods in December and in January for the follow appointment l asked about going back on the Armour.he said the 1/2 and 1 grain were now more available..RESULT!!

he said to go straight in at 1 1/2grain but l was hyper in a day so l cut back..l had problems with the higher dose of DHEA so he told me to stop it as l had enough in me..

l havent felt well since January and have been hypo...hyper..hypo all these months as he has suggested adding more armour and different supplements to help lift mood and support my adrenals..l had new bloods and 24hr urine tests on July 25th and expected to have results on 25th August during a telephone consultation as l will be away..these sweats are different to "the change sweats"! l am that age and do expect to have my share of flushes and sweats which l am also having but "THE SWEATS" start in my feet and travel up to my head..l feel such a rush of presure l sweat in every crevise and feel like a balloon being held mid way to keep all the air fingers ans feet and hans feel like the are inflated and my head feels like the top will blow off!this can last for ages!and people can see its happening if thsy cant they think l look like l have just got out of a pool with my clothes on! "my change "flushes happen aroung my top chest neck and face and l get a warming feeling and flush red on my face but they are mild in comparisone! copable!!l also asked my dr about going back on DHEA as dont people with out thyroid problems get help from DHEA for there menopause symptoms!? to cont...

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thanks this but you still haven't told mr name and of were the doctor is that help you?

Thanks. Amy


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