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I am so shocked at my medicheck results.

I am in so much pain in my joints and arm muscles I was convinced my inflammatory markers would be off the scale 🤷‍♀️.

Any thoughts lovely people? 😊

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How much levothyroxine are you currently taking…..still only on 50mcg?

Dose should be increased to 75mcg ASAP

Bloods should be retested 6-8 weeks after each dose change or brand change in levothyroxine

Which brand of levothyroxine are you currently taking

What vitamin supplements are you currently taking

Have you had coeliac blood test done yet

If not request testing via GP NOW before considering trial on strictly gluten free diet

Ferritin is virtually deficient

GP should do full iron panel test for anaemia

Vitamin D is insufficient

GP should prescribe 1600iu daily for 6 months

May be better to self supplement at higher dose

Are you currently taking B12 or vitamin B complex

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Dose levothyroxine should be increased slowly upwards in 25mcg steps until TSH is ALWAYS under 2

Retest 6-8 weeks after each dose change

ALWAYS test as early as possible in morning before eating or drinking anything other than water and last dose levothyroxine 24 hours before test

Most people when adequately treated will have TSH around 1, Ft4 in top third of range and Ft3 at least 50% through range

Typically that’s around 1.6mcg levothyroxine per kilo of your weight per day

Approx how much do you weigh in kilo

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to SlowDragon

SlowDragon 'Dose levothyroxine should be increased slowly upwards in 25mcg steps until TSH is ALWAYS under 2'

It's very important not to fall into the same trap as the medics that are constantly failing to help us achieve wellness. There is no 'one size fits all' approach to this.

Not everybody needs their TSH to be always under 2. This may be true for the majority, but there are always the exceptions. The important thing is to find your own personal level.

And not everybody can tolerate 25mcg dose increases. Some people need to take it much more slowly and cautiously, in 12.5mcg steps for example.

People do react differently to replacement hormone therapy, whether that be thyroid replacement hormones or other replacement hormones.

Typically that’s around 1.6mcg levothyroxine per kilo of your weight per day

No, dosing by weight is not an appropriate way to calculate the amount an individual will feel well on. A person may be carrying excess weight for example, but that doesn't necessarily mean they need more thyroid hormone.

I am very appreciative of the help and support available on this forum. However, having said that, I’m becoming increasingly concerned at the misinformation. Members can get that at their doctors.

I think most members know that neither admin nor members are medically qualified. . The few that are do not declare themselves because this is a peer to peer support group.

Who will be liable if members are given incorrect information ?

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to MorecambeBay

Who will be liable if members are given incorrect information ?

As far as I can make out nobody. Both HealthUnlocked and ThyroidUK are quite clear about the information given by members. Members should do their own research and decide whether or not they wish to take on board suggestions made by other members.


Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

Never delay seeking advice or dialling emergency services because of something that you have read on HealthUnlocked.


This is a patient to patient forum and no one, including the Admin team, on this community should be assumed to have medical training of any sort.

Everyone is only speaking from their own experience, that of friends/family or other people they may have spoken to.

Content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

Views expressed are those of individuals and not of Thyroid UK.

and this one in particular:

Thyroid UK cannot be held responsible for any discussions regarding self-treatment or the outcome of any such discussions.

Thank you for that information Susie. It makes particular sense if one looks at the HU Guidelines , in particular the way posts / sentences should be started.

I’m not sure that this ‘disclaimer’ would stand up in the case of a very few posts. There is a duty of care irrespective of qualification or lack of it.

A silly analogy maybe, but if a mother tells a three year old child not to run into the road and it does, who is responsible? This brings into question the matter of whether the member has capacity. When you can’t ascertain that ( as in an online forum) I think the law would expect one to err on the side of caution.

Thanks again Susie for this. I have read it before

Probably due to that very low vit D. Have you been supplementing vit D at all? If so, how much?

Thanks for your replies.I am now on 75mcg levothyroxine. Brand is accord which I had changed from Teva about a month ago.

I'm going to start vit d today.

I will request coeliac test on my next blood test which is on the 25th.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Bearthebishon

So bloods should be retested again 6-8 weeks minimum after increasing to 75mcg levothyroxine


Replacement therapy with levothyroxine should be initiated in all patients to achieve a TSH level of 0.5-2.0pmol/L.

NHS England Liothyronine guidelines July 2019 state on page 13 that TSH should be between 0.4-1.5 when OPTIMALLY treated with just Levothyroxine

Note that it says test should be in morning BEFORE taking levothyroxine

Also to test vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin


Graph showing TSH in healthy population


Aim is to bring a TSH under 2.5

UK guidance suggests aiming for a TSH of 0.5–2.5


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Marz in reply to Bearthebishon

How much VitD will you be taking ?

You've made a lot of replies on here that people aren't going to see because you didn't click on the blue 'Reply' button under their comment. :)

Anyway, good idea to start on vit D, but how much are you planning to take? And, don't forget that you absolutely need to take vit D's cofactors: magnesium and vit K2-MK7.

Magnesium and vit D work together. You're probably low in magnesium - most people are, and being hypo will make that worse - so taking vit D will use up what little magnesium you have. You need to replace it, optimise your magnesium and take enough to help your vit D to work, say about 400 mg a day.

Taking vit D will increase your absorption of calcium from food. Taking vit K2-MK7 will make sure that extra calcium goes into the teeth and bones, and doesn't build up in the soft tissues and arteries, causing problems.


Thanks greygoose.I will be taking 375mg of magnesium along with vit k2 mk7 and 3000IU of vit D

Is that 3000 IU daily or weekly?


That might be rather a lot. Marz, what do you think?

Its roughly what medicheck have recommended


It says 800 to 2000 IU.

Well yes it does. I currently have a strip of 3000 so will use them up and get some lower dose ones to follow 😊. I think, like you said, that the more important thing is to take it alongside the vit k and magnesium

Yes, but be careful, you can over-dose on Vit D, because it's fat soluble.

I will be careful and make sure I reduce it as advised. Thanks for your help

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Marz in reply to greygoose

Grassroots Health used to have a chart indicating dose required based on results. 44 nmol/L = 18ng/L with 60 ng/L being suggested as appropriate to prevent many illnesses. They used to say that for every 10 points below 60 a 1000 iu's would be needed. So a dose of 4000 iu's would be appropriate.

As you often say - starting low and slow is good advice !

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greygoose in reply to Marz

OK. Just sure I read somewhere that at that level, 1600 IU a day for six months would be more appropriate. But, I'm no expert. Just cautious. :)

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Marz in reply to greygoose

Some people do have problems with VitD so being cautious is good ..

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greygoose in reply to Marz

Well, I wasn't actually thinking about people having problems with it, I was thinking more about over-dosing.

Ok I will be careful....I'll reduce it 👍Thanks so much

You're welcome. :)

Joint pain or more what I describe as bone pain is a classic symptom of low vitamin d, it certainly is for me.

Im very symptomatic hypo wise and muscle pain is severe, the worst are my upper body, shoulders, back ribs and sometimes arms. My muscles and tendons are also very tight and stiff.

I dont know about the other results but I can easily understand from your thyroid and vitamin d results why you hurt so bad.

Ive never had inflammation from severe vitamin d deficiency ( my level was 3 when detected), nor from hypothroid muscle pain . Its severe muscle pain so I was just as surprised as you to see normal inflammation levels, I thought they’d of been sky high.

Hypothyroidism causes the muscles to be less flexible, damage easy and the repair cycle is slowed down significantly.

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Bearthebishon in reply to AS14

Fingers crossed its the vit D then. Being in constant pain is no fun.Thanks for your reply 😊

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AS14 in reply to Bearthebishon

Getting vitamin d to a good level got rid of the bone pain completely, took a little while but wow what a difference. Definetely your thyroid needs to much better too, you’ll feel very different when both of these are corrected.

Hi Bearthebishon,

I also had terrible pains when I had a severe vitamin D deficiency. The pain was mostly in my forearms and I also had no strength in my arm muscles, very sore and achy in my bones too. I also had daily headaches that lasted all day.

It was some time ago now but I do remember the pain well.

Hope you get relief soon.

Thank you....gives me some hope 😊

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