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i am flabbergasted! even in Australia are doctors who go strictly by the guidelines and refuse t3

went to my very knowledgeable GP yesterday and he he told me that he quit the practice, as he was told by the main doctor that he prescript too much t3 for patients who a too far under the ranges!!! instead of starting an argument, he will leave the practice.

i told him also, that i am self medicating with S-Thyroid and he went quiet. didn't argue with me but i am sure he has withhold some of my test-results! only gave me the THS, T3, F4. not the cholesterol, and the other 5 on the request form!

another funny thing.....

but i will write that in the next post

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Yes, doctors are being pressured. Good on him to stand up for himself as my doctor does but he has to sort of toe the line to a degree.

It is the government setting the controls and so much for their promise of not touching Medicare.

I have just had all my blood work and the local doc here asked for T3 in group but the lab did not do it.

Never mind when I get back to Brisbane I will ask my doctor about that.

Iam on NDT and 3 local docs have said theydo not agree with that treatment but one has said he would continue to support me as long as I have good results and that I felt well. To me that is a good doc.

He tried to get my past results but NSW computers do not talk to Queensland computers .... how ridiculous is that in this day and age!!!!! I had to talk to my Brisbane doctor to get him to send a report. The only problem with that is I have 2 doctors for my health care. The last time I asked for a report when we moved from Sydney to Brisbane the clinic wanted to charge me $120 and that was 10 years ago.

So now I am gathering all info I have and blood test results and that will have to do.

Just means I take total control and go armed with all my records and I keep up-to-date with information via Health Unlocked. This site has been invaluable in educating me to understand my health issues.

I also have seen a very good Naturopathy who is helping with the healing process.

Good luck and maybe you can follow him to his new practice.

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yes, i ask me to follow but it is in the city and i need to use the train........haven't been in brizzy for 12 or so years, just driving through is bad enough !!!!! so, I don't know.

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Brisbane traffic and parking are just the pits. I have an appointment at Brisbane Hospital but at least they have parking and the charges are not too bad.

Last time we came from Coomera. The appointment was 8am .... we left home at 5.30 because the M1 can become a car park so 95k and no other access in Brisbane.

Where are you in Brisbane?

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Durack...[Oxley,Jindalee,MtGravatt triangle.]

Hi mojas I live in Melbourne and recently have discovered an integrative doctor who has absolutely no problem with T3 and even understood the need to suppress my TSH! OMG, she knew what she was talking about. If you live in Melbourne, PM me and I will give you her details. She has a 6-7 week waiting list.

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no, sorry it is queensland, brisbane were i live. thanks drll for trying to help. x

It's a very chilling report that a doc is leaving because he cannot prescribe the right medication. Perhaps he will set up a private practice, find out where he is going. Hopefully he will not be too expensive, remember you only need one appointment a year (if that) and a prescription. I have a similar situation, not money wise but geography wise, my Endo is 200 miles away but I only go there and back once a year (in a very old car!) and he gives me a 'script that lasts a year. I get my own blood tests done privately because I do not want to argue with him about suppressed TSH, why won't he measure vitamin levels, do fT3 or rT3 not just fT4 - I just collect the 'script, say, "Thank you very much" take a deep breath and hit the freeway.

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you are lucky to have an easy going doctor. mine is too.

he is not the type to go into practice himself. we have a lot of medic centers here now, mostly owned by american companies, lots of doctors work in shifts in different centres, they go around. i will follow him into his next office. he is expensive in a way, that i have to pay for the consultation but our medicare [health system] gives me 2/3 of the money back.

200 miles...300km?

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Owned by American companies? No wonder you're having problems. Our health care system is crap. My sympathies!

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i don't know that all our medi centres are american owned, but the one down the road is. a neighbour who is a nurse had ask for a job there when they opened and was given this information. they had 3 big centres in a 50km radius and nurses and doctor be send where they needed. he declined. they had 8 doctors there in the beginning, now we lucky to have 4 there. all kind of x-ray, mri, ultra sound, pathology, dentist....the lot!!

but now ca 10 years later the specialists share the offices and are on call one or two days a week. x

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sorry kkma, i think you live in the UK, i live in australia. I didn't realise it until later....

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I live in America, sadly, so I am all too familiar with American owned companies/healthcare! My country is going to hell in a handbasket.

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