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Why would you order a Aldotesterone/ Renin Ratio labtest? Hashimotos hypothyroid & Adrenal Insufficiency


Hello, I have Addison’s disease ( Primary Adrenal Insufficiency) ,Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, & a pituitary swelling abnormality ( no tumor). I have recently seen a new endocrinologist. He ordered a group of tests with an Aldosterone/ Renin Ratio labtest. Why would he order this test? See my results below. Should I worry about these results? Any thought, opinions or advice is appreciated. My thyroid levels were off to so he raised my thyroid medication. I just received the test results and this test when came back later than the rest and my new endo is away currently. Thanks for your guidance.

Aldosterone 324 pmol/L (60-1000 pmol/L)

Renin 4 mU/L (4-46mu/L)

Aldosterone/Renin Ratio 81

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