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Reference rage confusion for Antithyroglobulin

Hi all,

Reading few posts on the site and articles on web, i see that the reference range is like 0 - 115 IU/ml . However I got my results as below and my anti-tg is out of range;

ATG 4,53 kU/l (0-4,11),

ATPO <1,00 kU/l (0-5,61),

TSH 2,32 mU/l (0,27-4,2),

FT4 free 12,13 pmol/l (9-19)

Anybody knows why it's interpreted this way in my results?

On the other hand, I have seen few articles mentioning upper limit as <4.0 IU/mL


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IU/ml is the same as KU/L. There are 1000 ml in 1 litre. Another word could be a kilomilliltre for 1 litre, but that name is too cumbersome.


I may have found the answer to my question through the article here:

This was posted by another poster on the forum for a different question.

It seems like procedure used to determine the presence of anti tg plays a part determining the reference range.



All reference ranges vary from lab to lab. Which is why we always ask for ranges with results, on here. To interpret your results, we need the ranges that came with your results.

Your TgAB being so slightly over-range, probably doesn't mean anything much. Not high enough to indicate Hashi's. :)

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The range for your results is the range specified by the lab that did the tests. Different labs have different machines, use different types of assay (test) and, in different countries they use different units. So things you see on the Web don't apply to you unless the tests were done in the same lab using the same machine and assay.


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