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Hashimotos antibodies after half/TT

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Hello :)

Long story short I've had Hashis for about 5years (I'm only 27), on no medication and feel great - I spent years feeling like crap and am now quite strict on diet + exercise which seems to manage all symptoms.

I do however have a cyst on one side of my glad which has progressively grown over the years, to the point now it needs removing (it's often quite sore and makes it harder to breathe when I run).

Much the same as everyone I have read some HORROR stories on half and TTs, which totally terrifies me!

I am trying to save as much gland as possible and at this stage my specialist recommends to get half/the cyst removed, however, because I have Hashis my concern is that I will still have antibodies which may damage the 'happy' gland.

My specialist seems to think that if the other side of my gland was going to get 'attacked' it probably would have happened by now and that removing all/part of the glad will lower the antibodies over time anyway.

I obviously understand that everyone's case is different - but has anyone had an experience like mine and is post half/TT?

If we could keep it as positive as possible that would be great! :)

3 Replies
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This is a past post which may be helpful and others who've had a similar experience as you will respond.


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pamela22 in reply to shaws

Good link with interesting info


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I hope all goes well with your op, you sound like you will be all organized and have everything in place. Sorry I have no further info to help you but I'm sure someone will have lots to share with you

All the best


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