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Transition from NDT to liquid thyroxine advise

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My private Endocrinologist has advised that I should be tried in liquid thyroxine and move away from NDT.

I was on just 75mcg Levothyroxine last year. But had terrible symptoms when I needed to increase my dose. I went over medicated within one month, my cortisol dropped far too low 68 (155-600) and I collapsed a number of times through weakness.

I was put on NDT 60mg daily This helped but still not well enough to have normal life

My Endocrinologist wants to rule of fillers being my issue with Levothyroxine. So I’m trialing liquid thyroxine as of tomorrow.

I haven’t been given instructions on how to transfer. I was thinking I’d slowly add the liquid T4 of 25mcg for say 5 days and keep same NDT dose so I don’t fall off a cliff with the T3. Then on day 6/7 start increasing the liquid T4 and reduce the T3 NDT until I work up to 75 liquid alone over 3 week period

Does this sound sensible please. I have run this through with my GP who said it sounds good but he is not fully conversant with thyroid issues and I can’t get hold of my Endocrinologist.

Many thanks for you much appreciated help.

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Hello. I see that no one has replied to you. I have no answers sadly. I have zero symptoms now but after 25th feb my whole thyroid is being removed so will need meds from day 1 post surgery. I need to learn from you and prep as best i can. I am allergic to nearly all fillers... so was looking at the liquid myself. How have you been doing? As NDT was also an option. Hope you are well..... is the liquid better than NDT?

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Hi. To be honest I’ve had a dreadful time transferring. All my levels were in range on NDT as I had bloods done the day before my switch to liquid Levothyroxine at that point my TSH was 3.99. I switched to Liquid following my same dose and time as on NDT which was half am and half pm. At first for 4/5 days I felt great. Was really happy and felt alive again. After day 6 I started to get terrible symptoms. Very very weak. Double vision. My face numb on one side. Collapsing but not fainting. My heart rate was fine but I was tingling like crazy all over. I had a blood form from my GP to check my thyroid levels and cortisol. My partner got me to my local hospital 2 days ago. I literally fell out the car on the pavement, I couldn’t hold myself up. A kind stranger ran and got us a wheelchair. I got my bloods taken at the blood clinic then was taken quickly to A&E. After about 4 hours I started to stabilise. The Dr told me my TSH was 23.99. Jumped 20 in 12 days even though I was taking the correct dose. I’m seeing my new Endocrinologist tomorrow so I’m very interested to see what he says.

What I would say about the liquid is that it is much more accurate when dosing. As it’s in a syringe it’s easier than trying to guess and split tablets I don’t know why but my medication dosage has become extremely sensitive. So for me liquid is s god send right now.

For 11 years I just took my medication in tablet form then went to work and thought nothing of it. Now something has gone badly wrong. What no one seems to know.

I do hope you are more successful than myself. My sister had her thyroid removed due to cancer. She has to keep her TSH to zero by loading heavy with medication. She is ok.

Any more information you need please just let me know. If I can help I certainly will !!

I’m sticking with liquid as I don’t want to pay privately for NDT. I’m hoping it works Even though I’ve had a terrible experience I’m determined to get well on liquid thyroxine. But if it’s s converting problem then will need to rethink and change again!


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Pinktijen in reply to McPammy

Wow!!!! I will pm you after work.... thank you. Gosh!!!! Xxc

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