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I'd like to share these with you...please delete if not allowed and accept my apologies

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I found these really interesting.

1) greenmedinfo.com/blog/what-...





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It is OK to post interesting links. However, there is a guideline which requests that you let people know why they might wish to follow a link and what they will find there. If you do not add some explanation, some people will just go straight past and not look even though they might have been interested. Others will follow and look and then wonder why they wasted their time and bandwidth.

Please add a sentence to explain. Just having a few words in the subject line is not adequate.

14. If you post a link, please at least explain briefly what people can expect to find if they follow the link. Links without such an introduction/explanation may be deleted.


I get those reports too. I wonder if anyone with underactive thyroid problems has tried the black seed treatment.

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Yes, they are good links and I agree with what they state. If 'only' the professionals would read them and take notice instead of adding another 'prescription' for another medication if we complain that we're not imporoving on levo alone.

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