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Werid symptoms

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Hi everyone feeling terrible today I’ve been extremely thirsty, tired, double and blurred vision, dizziness, tachycardia, cold, fluctuating blood pressure, nausea , pins and needles and feeling I’m going to faint. I’ve been to the doctor who was no help whatsoever she just checked my sugar with a glucose meter which was 4.2 after a drink of lemonade just two hours earlier she then proceeded to tell me it was in my head and I should eat something I think I need a new doctor. Any help would be appreciated I feel like crap and it’s not going away

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It’s not going to be much help but when I read your symptoms my first thought was did you mean to post on the Diabetes website.

4.2 seems quite low for blood sugar. For someone non diabetic their BS before eating should be somewhere between 4.0 and 5.9 and under 7.8 90 minutes or so after food. For someone with T2 they should be somewhere between 4.0 and 7.0 before a meal and under 8.5 90minutes after eating. 4.2 does seem low especially as you aren’t feeling well.

Saying that I’d be delighted if mine was that low. Though I have had times when I feel a bit like you do and where I’m sure by BS must be really low and when I test it (I was T2 for a while after taking a course of steroids so I have my own BS meter) discover it is somewhere in the 5s which is not low. So it’s obviously not low BS that’s making me feel bad.

I’d keep going and try a different doctor or you could post your question on the Diabetes.co.uk website. You would get lots of advice from them I’m sure.

Thank you for your reply I can see your point I did mean to put it on this site as I have Graves’ disease as well and I thought it could be causing some of the issues

Now that is interesting because I’ve got Graves too! I’ve been in remission for over five years now. I never thought about a link, I’ve had that ‘low blood sugar’ feeling off and on for many years - definitely pre Graves. It’s only in the past two or three years that I’ve had a blood sugar meter and have been able to test and I’ve realise that what I took to be low blood sugar wasn’t. Should add that as well as having T2 for a short time I was also pre diabetic - hence why I wouldn’t mind being as low as 4.2.

I have been thinking about weather low gi foods might help the symptoms

It might do, it’s hard to know. I eat a low carb diet, high fat which is similar to low GI. I avoid grain based foods and things like jacket potatoes and parsnips because they spike my blood sugar.

I stick with a wide variety of foods, eat a lot of fish and chicken, lentils, pulses, lots of veg, some fruit but not masses. Don’t drink fizzy drinks - I drink water either tap water or bottled - and don’t eat junk food at all. I snack on raw nuts and seeds. Still have black chocolate and the odd glass of red wine if I feel like it. I went totally gluten free some years ago to see if I could reduce my thyroid antibodies, I have a load of other autoimmune conditions - it worked - so I have stayed gluten free, I eat gluten free but GF junk food is still junk food.

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