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In 2016 I was diagnosed with over active thyroid and was put on block and replace for 6 months then stopped went back to being over active straight away consultant wanted me to have either op to remove my thyroid or the radio active iodine I refused both so he reluctantly said I could try 18 months on carbimazole only and would keep reducing the dose which I did my latest blood tests 6 weeks after stopping the carbimazole are normal I have to have blood test every 4 months for the next year to check, if I hadn't joined this group I would have just gone along with what ever he had said I know it could come back and if it does I can go back on the tablets I was fine no side effects at all I never posted much but read and kept up with this site I would just like to say thank you to everyone on here for all their advice on not rushing to make decisions and for the moment I have a happy ending

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I'm glad you read enough to know you can take your own health into your own hands.

I would just mention that, for future, if you copy/paste some of your original post into your Profile. as you may want to ask more questions and it means that you don't need to repeat your history or be asked unnecessary questions as members can read it. You can always update it if things change.

So good to hear that and good you stepped up for your own health. The collective wisdom here is valuable and reassuring when we are confronted with an illness and don't know where to go. Functional doctors are developing tests that let you know what your body may be reacting to so finding that out will help keep you in remission. Gluten is probably one of them.

Glad you are ok now. But please be vigilant . Carbimazole just makes you artificially ok.... I ended up with radioiodine abalation... it's only a pill and it does the trick permanently. Xx good luck

Hi i have been on Carbimazole for 20 years next march 2 one day and1 the next i did have half of my thyroid removed in 2013 due to a lump or nodule but thank god it it wasnt cancer The doctor wanted me to have RAI but i didnt like the thought of it i thought if it kills your thyroid what else does it kill off they also wanted to take all my thyroid but i said if its safe i would rather only have the half where the lump was done ,apparently over active thyroid can cause your heart to race i had a heart attack in 2017 and had 2 stents but fortunately i am feeling ok get tired more now and sometimes out of breath but that is probably old age coming on th

e best of luck to you


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