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Life after total thyroidectomy

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Hello, been meaning to post for a while about life after a total thyroidectomy. For me it's been a positive experience after a sluggish start which I was however expecting thanks to the support of the lovely people on this site.

I wanted to let others going through the same thing to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel after the operation, to be kind to themselves and let time do it's work.

I had the TT in Feb this year due to a large goitre which was causing issues with swallowing and T4 levels that were in decline over the years (from 18 to 11 on a 10-20 scale).

A combination of resting, running and eating sensibly has shifted the weight I had gained slowly over the space of a year despite not feeling like I was actually eating more.

I feel 'lighter' but not just in terms of kilos, a sense of my body returning to what it should feel like. Hair loss has noticeably improved, dry skin much better and swallowing vastly improved. The scar has really faded already.

I'm on a 100mcg of thyroxine a day, less than expected but it seems to be working. Next test in Feb.

Good luck to anyone contemplating this operation.


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Thank you for sharing, it is good to hear some positive news. It can get a bit bleak on here at times.

That’s brilliant news that you have come through such an ordeal and found better health. Good luck!😀

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