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Just letting off steam

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Hi can 100,000 people all b wrong were is the help I just don't get it. 100,000 gets you a vote in the commons what do we get. Insulted, phobbed off made to feel mad due to anxiety, offered anti depressants no answers no ideas just left to it to muddle over and do our best and most if the time fail. I am sorry if this sounds negative but when you feel so I'll and no one can help and you turn to a self help groups for answers as no one in the medical or private practices have any answer its all wrong. Without the groups we r lost. Perhaps we should get a petition to ask for proper support and the drugs to help us not hang on their every word with our begging bowl. I feel a bit better for that better have a sleep now. D x

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I totally understand your feelings...a recent situation for me effectively confirmed that pretty much my whole life has been affected through the inadequate diagnosis and treatment of hypo/hyperthyroidism. Personally, I think it is because this branch of medicine hasn't been perceived as dynamic, profitable or pioneering. We all know that heart and brain surgery seem to attract attention. I feel, like you, utterly exhausted by the struggle to function. But I do believe we can keep going and make a difference. This forum has made an enormous difference to me, and I hope it has given you comfort. I only found it a few weeks back, at a very dark time, but it has helped me through. We will get there...and help others too. All good wishes...

This might be of intetest!



I am lucky to have a very accommodating specialist who allows me to choose my own path and the hormones and supplements/ drugs I want.

Also it enables me to ignore my gp. 9 months ago a suppressed tsh was no issues. last month it was a massive issue. He said he was a specialist on thyroid issues. So I tested his knowledge and my husband who was with me even commented by saying “ err I think you’ve got yourself confused”.

So I avoid them as much as I can. I am lucky if feel empowered enough to do my own thing albeit t3 is a huge issue for everyone.

If doctors can stop someone’s t3 ( when it’s been at a level of nil, as they are going through cancer treatment, then there is just no compassion in the industry). Bonuses are circa 120k and that revenue comes from the quoff audit and income from drugs like antidepressants and flu jabs etc.

It’s so hard not to worry but if we can help with anything specifically please let us know. Good to kick off tho as it’s all a mess.

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