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Tsh normal high t3 and t4

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My consultant had just rang say my tsh levels normal but t3 and t4 high. He doesn't know why so is retesting blood asked if I'd took multivitamin said no. I've normally got bit overactive thyroid with graces. Anyone understand why might be high? Just bit worried thanks

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His reference to multivitamin products may be due to the fact that biotin can impact blood tests, depending on the assay method used, resulting in erroneous high or low levels. So therefore it doesn't have to be a multi vit, but can be due to supplementing biotin as a single supplement. Do you do that? Regarding your blood test results, can you post the actual levels together with their reference ranges, as neither normal or high offer much clarity about what's going on with your hormone levels.

I'm not taking any multivitamin at all so confused. He us getting results re tested. Not got figures sorry didn't ask him thanks for your reply.

Are you taking any sort of supplements at all?

Always, always get a print-out of your results. You need to know them, to learn to understand them, and keep your own records. That is the first step in getting well.

Did you mean to say you have Grave's? Your post was a little confusing. :)

He was just checking whether there was an obvious answer to why you might have those results. He's to be applauded, if that is what he was referring to, for knowing about the potential for skewed lab results because of biotin. We are entitled to have copies of the results of any tests carried out regarding our health; and it's really important that we know exactly what is going on if we are to manage our health well. You can phone his secretary and ask for the results to be given to you over the phone but for preference, to have a copy sent to you to avoid misreading/mishearing the results.

Thanks guys yes I have graves. I get a letter with results normally couple weeks after seeing him. So have all previous results. He is getting retested as thinks cud b error by lab. Just wondered what cud caused high t3 and t4 tho. Not taking any supplements etc. Nothing he asked all that. Thanks

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