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Pre-mature ovarian failure


I'm 36, diagnosed with autoimmune Hashis 1 year ago. Now they are thinking it was caused from mold. Then they think it's caused from hypothalamus /pitituitary disease that's not sending signals to my adrenals and ovaries which is causing my thyroid issues. I just feel like it's all guess work. All my hormones are low.I'm doing AIP. All the recommendations and supplements .having hot flashes. I just feel like giving up:(

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In a way though, it doesn’t matter what caused it. It’s done and quite possibly can’t be undone - which means replacement thyroid hormones become a good option.

Are you actually on any thyroid hormone replacement - levothyroxine etc? I’ve tried reading previous posts but couldn’t find if you said, sorry.

If not, then it seems probable it would benefit you to start or to be on a higher dose. You’re doing everything else you can - the AIP etc. If that’s not enough, then checking you’re optimally replaced with thyroid hormones is the next logical step. Sometimes the damage can’t be reversed.

All hormones are interlinked. You might find your ovaries re-awakened if you were on sufficient thyroid hormone replacement.

Whichever type of hypothyroidism the treatment is the same and it should be initiated. Levothyroxine 50mcg starter dose, blood test in 6weeks dose adjusted until you are optimised (TSH 0.2-0.5 free T4 and free T3 in the top 1-3 of range higher in it the better). If TSH is over range (c4.5 plus) and symptoms NICE guidance says a trial of Levothyroxine should be commenced. Hope you feel better soon ☘️🍀☘️

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