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Selected highlights from draft GMC consent guidance Part 4


The draft guidance tells a doctor:

"You must keep up to date with developments in your area of practice, which may affect your knowledge and understanding of the risks of harm associated with the investigations or treatments you provide. You must make sure the information you give to patients is accurate and up to date".

In my view, this applies to doctors who are not aware of the recent research regarding the alleged risks of Osteoporosis and Atrial Fibrillation. Recent research shows that there is no causative effect of low/suupressed TSH and OP or AF. However doctors are not aware of this. I refer back to paragraph 9 where the GMC expect doctors to take account of information provided by patients.

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Or that fact that they are pushing statins making people ill...which is shown in the latest research, but hey, think of the money!

The Supreme Court empowers you to say no to statins

Thank you so much for this information. I will try to google for the actual document because my gp and two senior endos are obsessed "the danger of low tsh". (I am on t3 only)

The link is here

Don't forget that this draft guidance and is out for consultation. The text may change in the final version.

However, the current version still is useful. paragraph 5 states that doctors should listen to patients and accept their knowledge of their own condition. The link is here

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