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advice please


Hi am struggling with hypo,started getting symptoms 20 years ago,-cold, menses every 2 weeks,anemic, 3 stone weight gain,possible onset after childbirth,history of stressfull life with parents/caregivers,given levo,felt better,easily lost weight food combining got very slim,then weight piled on,decided to try NDT,felt much better lost 2 stone with slimming world,weight on again-comfort eating,now 3 stone overweight no diet will work,am on 3 and half grains thiroyd,all vits came back in range from bllod test from doc,dont know what to do now,any advice from you knowledgable people please

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Some of those ranges are pretty wide! They can't be normal all the way through. if the FT4 range goes from 12 - 22, seems pretty obvious to me that your not going to feel the same with an FT4 of 12.1 as you would with an FT4 of 21.5. And, the TSH range goes much to high. A truly normal TSH is about 1; at 2 your thyroid is beginning to struggle; at 3 you are hypo. So, being in-range means very little.

Do you have the actual numbers - results and ranges? If so, post them all here and let's have a look. :)

Joad467 in reply to greygoose

Thanks Grey goose

The last test was 0.1 I might have to pay for private test when I can afford it, also been having memory loss lately when I find results from doctor will put it in.:-)

greygoose in reply to Joad467

Your TSH was 0.1? That, on its own, means very little. :)

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