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Two glasses of wine

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I am post rai hypothyroidism with graves disease and have been 2.5 years now, but over the last few months, no matter how little alcohol I drink I’m getting severe delayed hangovers, it can take up to 24 hours after stopping drinking fir the hangover to begin, I’m violently sick with headache that can last up to 3 to 4 days, needless to say I’ve decided to go tee total , but was curious as to whether this was common

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Yep fairly common, I haven't touched any for years, sparkling elderflower is my favourite tipple these days 😊

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Yeah I won’t be touching it again, it really isn’t worth it !!! Thanks !!!

Since RAI if I have one glass of wine/prosecco/champers I'm tipsy, 2 glasses and I'm drunk. (Cheap Date) If I drink on Saturday there is a headache on Monday...which is why I just don't drink!

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I’ve done enough drinking in my younger days, so I’ll be going tee total from now on, really isn’t worth being so ill for , thanks fir responding !!!

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"I’ll be going tee total from now on"

Be careful with tea as well :-P

Sorry, couldn't resist!!!

That was one of my symptoms of being deficient in vitamin B12 (along with extreme tiredness and IBS like issues).

Might be worth asking for a B12 blood test. Make sure you’re not supplementing B12 before you go as this could skew the test results.

I had aspell of taking a friend on a daily visit to see his mum as she wasn't well and on the way back we would stop for a drink. I just couldn't take it any more! Even with a half measure I was so unpredictable, some days no problem other times felt very drunk though in essence I wasn't. It improved when my bloods were better so there must be a link but I never drink now if I have the car just in case I find I've reverted back. In fact I rarely drink at all now and don't miss it.

Since switching to organic wine, I haven't had problems. I think I was reacting to molds & chemicals, not the alcohol.

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