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Thyroid hair loss


To the lady who wrote in saying her eyebrows were starting to disappear

etc. I have this problem regularly together with eyelashes disappearing! To reassure her, they grow back usually within a few says. This happens on and off, I have been on Thyroxinee treatment now for a few years. The doctor wasn't really very good on advising me. I hope this helps.

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I have not had much of an eyebrow for thirty years! In fact I’ve noticed that my brows are getting even sparser lately. A good eyebrow brush and some brown eye shadow fills in the gaps!

I have terrible hair loss, receding hair line and I thought my eyebrows were ok but looking very thin now. I have tried Regaine for Women in case it wasn't because of Levothyroxine but that isn't doing anything. As I understand it the Levothyroxine blocks the hair follicles and Primrose Oil can help but I believe it is higher male hormones. Anyone know?

I've had the same problems. I tried various eyelash serums with little improvement, then tried Rapidlash and eventuality I had eyelashes again! Unfortunately, I haven't used it regularly lately and they've become very sparse again. I know it worked before when I used it every night so I'll try again. It's not cheap but if it works it's worth it. (There is also Rapidbrow which I've found helpful in the past a!though I've never had much in the way of eyebrows) Apparently, these contain something to stop the hairs falling out. Worth a try.

Mine start to grow then fall out again. Outer third gone for years then over the past three years since starting NDT they grow then go. This time I had full length on left, sparse but full length and almost on right. This was three weeks ago... Now worse and sparser than ever before.

I will look for Rabidbrow 😊

Linda x


I have been using collagen powder in my morning smoothie for a few months now and I noticed and increase in eye lashes especially my lower lashes and a lot less hair in my shower. Worth a try.

I am using a drop of castor oil every night on each eyebrow and on each set of lashes. It isn’t a problem if it gets in your eyes and is also said to reduce fine lines around the eyes. My lashes are definitely longer and my brows are showing some improvement. It really does work but you have to persist and use a good quality oil. Hope it works for you too. Good luck!!

Best wishes


I had an assistant at the opticians say caster oil was why her eye lashes were lovely ( I’d complimented her first)

Yes it's really good😊. I use Jamaican black castor oil which costs me £4.99 for 4 fl.oz. It lasts ages and it's good to use a natural product which doesn't harm your eyes. I recommend it! I've noticed that fewer eyelashes fall out when I take off my make-up at the end of the day. Definitely worth a try!!

My eyebrows have all but gone now, I just use an eyebrow pencil where they use to be, alright unless you accidentally smudge them off. I need to find a good eyebrow pencil. Same with lashes just flick mascara on the remaining lashes takes all of five seconds...

I had my eyebrows tattooed - microblading - they look super natural and there's no need for makeup. Best decision ever...

My eyebrows left me ages ago and have never returned. No problem with lashes tho weirdly. Just use an eyebrow pencil and setting gel as can't afford microblading

Loss of the outer eyebrows is a symptom of undertreated thyroid. If you have optimal B12, D3, folate and ferritin, and you have checked that your Free T3 is properly converted, then you might want to look at changing your medication to NDT. Chances are, one or more of these things are NOT in balance, and once you work out what they are, you will begin to see your eyebrows return.

Flaxseed capsules cured my hair loss. I still take them regularly, just to make sure, and I haven't had any further problems.

Haynton in reply to grammijee

That's good grammijee,how bad was your hair loss ? What strength flaxseed capsules did you use and how much per day ?


Hi sorry to intrude but I have been put on Levothyroxine and I have noticed when I wash and brush my hair it is coming out and the past week my eyelashes and eyebrows have started coming out. Could this be related to the tablets/thyroid problems? X

jacrjacr in reply to Slc411

yes sounds like it may be too much...too much or too little thyroid hormones causes hair loss...i would get a second opinion

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