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Considering RAI



I was diagnosed with Grave's disease after the delivery of my third child in 2015, with having palpitations,mood swings,lost 10-15kg within a month.started on carbimazole 20mg and propanolol 20mg and result was normal after a few months.stopped taking meds for about 1yr+ and unfortunately i went into relapse in i was restarted again on carbimazole and results were ok at times but it will speed up as fast as from my T4 8 to 23 (normal level up to 25) in just few weeks,if precipitated by,as i was constantly being like "this", i am considering RAI in 2weeks time with a dosage of 25mcg.

I am aware of the possible of getting hypo afterwards and the need of taking levothyroxine lifetime but what other choice do i have now.i will update again after my RAI treatment and hope this will benefit those who were in doubt like i used to.hope everything goes well.wish me luck everybody.

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Are you sure you actually have Grave's? Did they test the TRAB or TSI antibodies?

Potential choices would be surgery, and long-term carbimazole. Given your condition seems pretty susceptible to stress, and therefore difficult to control, I can see why you would consider 'definitive' options (RAI, thyroidectomy) rather than sticking with carbimazole.

Have you had any problems with your eyes - if so, RAI may not be the best option.

Don't know what you've researched already, but these may help:

I’ve had RAI and I regret it. 100% regret it. I am nearly three years down the line and still having blood tests every 8 weeks as my levels will not stabilise. Am on Levothryroxin T4 only and the dose continually changes. I try and get my own T3 as you won’t get it here.

Before you have it done, ask them about what the will give you after. If they won’t give you T3 I personally wouldn’t do it !!!

Do lots of research first. I didn’t and I regret it

Good luck !

I had to have RAI because no one caught my graves in time to try meds and I went into thyroid storm. I had been called anorexic, phsycosematic and told I was making too many doc appointments....even sent to a shrink...until my yearly oncologist yearly checkup (had breast cancer a few years back). He ordered a TSH test and it was non existent by then. I had no choice but if only I could have me thyroid back!!!!! I hate being hypo and trying to regulate the med and having towait an hour to eat after taking it and 4 hours for my vitamins, calcium, etc. If it had been caught earlier I could have tried the hyper meds but.... Since then I have lost faith in doctors and have other health issues so hard to stay away from docs.

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