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t3 palpitations


Levo 75 mg. T3 5 mg

Just been on T3 2 weeks 5mg split dose early am and midday..was intending taking it slowly..Is it unusual to get palpitations during night long after taking T3? My Endo thot this couldnt be the cause as not getting them after taking T3...Ended up in A&E last nite wakening with palpitations ECG clear.

Anxiety tends to be worse evening time ? When dose wears off.

Should I stop and see if can get vitamin D level up and adrenals checked first?

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You may need vitamins all optimal first

Vitamin D, 800iu is only a maintenance dose.

Aiming to improve to at least 80nmol and around 100nmol may be better .

Vitamin D mouth spray by Better You is good as avoids poor gut function. Suggest you supplement 2000iu for 2-3 months and retest.

It's trial and error what dose each person needs. Once you Improve level, very likely you will need on going maintenance dose to keep it there.

Retesting twice yearly via vitamindtest.org.uk

Local CCG guidelines


Government recommends everyone supplement October to April


Supplementing vitamin D increases need for magnesium, read up on importance of magnesium and vitamin K2 Mk7 supplements when taking vitamin D






Do NOT supplement any vitamin K if you take any blood thinning medication


Your ferritin was terrible too. How's that now? Are you on iron supplements?

Are you on strictly gluten free diet? You may find it helps, or is essential so that you can tolerate T3

Was Levo dose dropped to 75mcg or was this same dose from before adding T3?

Pamzz in reply to SlowDragon

75 Levo was same dose before adding T3. Was on iron supplements previously from GP..have been supplementing my own iron/vit c since June tho dose only 14 mg iron

Endo suggested all ranges optimal but t3

Pamzz in reply to Pamzz

Just got iron supplement 200 mg hopefully will help.thanks for your help

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Pamzz

One problem is, as soon as we take any T3, TSH often drops right to zero.

You may need dose increase in T3.

Endo's often start patients on 2 x 5mcg T3

Bloods should be retested after 6 weeks on unchanged dose

Suggest you order a full Thyroid and vitamin private test in readiness

Medichecks currently on special offer today

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