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Normal testosterone in women.

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Hi all,

Could someone please advise on normal testosterone level for women and men.

My testosterone is 1.2 range is 0.05 to 2.60

My scalp hair brows and lashes fall out following a pins and needles feeling and change in temperature in hands.

I keep being told my testosterone is normal but it's one test for men and women so a woman could be at 2.60 same as a man and be considered normal.

Makes no sense to me. Lol I've also gain a lot of weight and facial starting but not noticeable.


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According to the handbook on Endocrinology & diabetes it states the normal range for a women is 0.5-2.6nmol/L & for a man it is 8.4-28.7nmol/L Hope that helps/

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to PaulineS

The Wiki article has a chart of ranges for different testosterone tests and age ranges/genders - also has values in mass and molar measurements:

You might have to click on [show] to see the chart!

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Karen154 in reply to helvella

Thank you. It just seems a bit odd that one Range is used for both men and women with nhs test. Appears that one Range fits all.


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Karen154 in reply to PaulineS

Thank you this is really helpful.

There is a different range for men and women. Also best to know your FREE testosterone levels rather than total level as only a small % is not bound by SHBG and it is the unbound which is active.

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