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Day 09 | Repair & Reverse Degenerative Brain Disease Through Neuroplasticity With Dr. Norman Doidge

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This series has been excellent and they are making great strides with all forms of brain degeneration which has become a serious problem for both the patients and their caretakers. We know that anyone can have a certain amount of brain degeneration so much of this applies to all of us.

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Today’s episode is entitled “Repair & Reverse Degenerative Brain Disease Through Neuroplasticity,” and I promise you will be astounded when you learn what Dr. Doidge’s research has uncovered.

Neuroplasticity is a powerful new way to restore a significant degree of cognitive function. It’s become enormously important for healing of all kinds of brain-related problems... from learning disorders, to traumatic brain injury, to Parkinson's, and dementia, including Alzheimer's.

And Dr. Norman Doidge is one – if not THE – leading world expert on neuroplasticity.

His work has been published in numerous medical journals around the world, and he’s published several New York Times bestselling books on the subject.

If it all sounds like the latest science fiction movie, I can assure you it’s not.

Dr. Doidge’s work has been peer-reviewed and is thoroughly evidence-based, science-backed research that is getting real-world results in thousands of patients with a wide variety of brain health issues.

And today you’re going to learn everything about it.

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The second half of the video has interesting progress made for autistic children using sound. He says these children are in chronic fight or flight which shuts down socialization. They are using modified music on these patients which actually trains the brain to heal or make whole again. The brain is malleable and there are new methods other than surgery that are conducive to sound and light and cause healing. Brain HQ is helpful for many. The reviewers found that BrainHQ from Posit Science had by far the most and the highest quality studies. The authors of this first systematic review conclude “current evidence supports that at least some commercially available computerized brain training products can assist in promoting healthy brain aging.”Jan 31, 2017

Visual brain exercise have shown to improve driving in the elderly. stimulating pathways and neuro differentiation. We need novelty in our life if we've been at the same job, same house, same town. Learn new skills. Certain brain exercises are being studied and show promise. There are computerized games for children to recognize a calm state in their brain. This is neurofeedback and can help train the brain.

Balance problems and other issues improved using a tongue stimulator which goes to the brain stem.

All in all we learn there are many new approaches to assist the power in our brains that revitalize it even in old age.

This doctor is pointing out that the brain uses electrical signals to perform duties and if cells are injured through strokes or concussions the signals get confused but there are interventions. He is now speaking of low laser light beams and even led at the right frequencies can be naturally healing. In fact one person used a cold laser for a neck problem and they discovered it also caused his narrowed vision to expand. It's good that there are some simple measures that are noninvasive being used. I'm sure he will mention more throughout the video.

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