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levels normal, still exhausted, even after sleeping for ages


bloods are normal as are all other levels still perpetually brutally exhausted regardless of sleep.

also all doctors I've seen here like "eh it'll be fine`' because my levels are normal but I still have many hypo symptoms especially exhaustion

my adrenals could be wrecked? i can drink 3 redbulls and then take a nap. what's wrong with me?

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Hey Chickenwing, ask your GP to check your DHEA level; Testosterone & Free Androgen Index! I have been struggling with chronic fatigue for months!! My routine blood tests were initially coming back ok too but then I came across a doctor who though outside of the box & hey presto, she found all these levels to be below the normal range! Routine GP tests tend to be full blood count; vit D, folate, ferritin etc..

Can you post your results with the normal ranges as some might be on the low side?


Should say try to stay away from red bull or any energy drink for that matter it might temporarily make you feel psychologically better but causes sugar highs and the crashes which won’t help the way you are feeling!

This is how I felt when I was dealing with Adrenal Fatigue. It kicked my butt worse than my thyroid issues. Have you read up on it?

Who said your bloods are normal? Your doctor? You can't take his word for it. Have you got the actual numbers? Results and ranges? If so, post them here and let's have a look. Sounds like you're under-medicated to me. :)

You need a full thyroid panel to assess whether your medication is working

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