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Consultation after hemithyroidectomy


Hi guys - I am going to see the ENT consultant today after having a left hemi-thyroidectomy last Wednesday. Reason for the op was to identify and remove a large cyst. Prior to the op the consultant was certain he was removing a benign cyst only (and that I could have adopted a waitful watch approach). I have written my own questions but would really appreciate your advice about what I should definitely be asking him. He has already said that I should arrange a TFT blood test in 5 weeks. Many thanks.

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Sorry you had no replies - this may have been because your post was missed or because people simply had no information that was helpful.

If you still need information it may be worth posting again.


Hi Louise - thank you for this - it doesn't matter now - I had the consultation and asked as many questions that I could think of. I had my bloods taken earlier this week to see how my remaining half of thyroid is coping! I will get the results at end of the week, so fingers crossed x

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