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Should I have surgery


Hi everyone I’m in a bit of a quandary and would like your advice I have a multi modular goitre which is continuing to slowly grow and is starting to impede my swallowingI am mildly hyperthyroid sorry don’t have current results My symptoms are some episodes of mild anxiety with poor concentration at times with episodes of sweating Some symptoms I know could be menopause but I am now 60 and periods stopped 10 years ago I have been recommended for total thyroidectomy by surgeon but due to low symptoms unsure whether to go ahead at this time due to possible difficulties after surgery Recent dexa scan also ok Could you advise or point me to further reading so that I can make an informed choice Thankyou

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Hi Bluemerlin

I had thyroidectomy 21 months ago I had thyroid cancer. Sadly 5 yrs prior to thyroidectomy I was having trouble swallowing off and on along with severe panic attacks it was then discovered at that time I had nodules but we will take a wait and see approach from med forward to recent I finally got full access to my medical record online and throughout the years my TSH was all over the place and nothing else tested except once when my TSH bottomed out and they automatically did a T4 test and that was low and they did my antibodies too same time they were elevated....I think maybe I've had this Hashimoto disease that others here talk about for a long time although my medical people never commented on my up and down levels or elevated antibodies or suggested something might be I have no thyroid and it's been and absolute nightmare I've gained 40 pounds and have had so many issues taking Synthyroid and mental issues from incorrect dosing. I think the biggest disappointment I've had is being tossed aside once my Endocrinologist felt my lab numbers were perfect even though my world was collapsing around me. I'm currently on Armour Thyroid and I've been ok but being normal like prior to the thyroidectomy is a dream those days are gone.

I'm not a doctor and you ultimately need to decide for yourself but I wished I met me before I decided on surgery, lot of info you read are mostly from those who still have a thyroid which lucky them makes some of their experiences a little different. This site has some real smart cookies who can help you with all your lab numbers and to vent when life kicks you and with any luck you will have a great endocrinologist and weight wont be an issue.

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