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NICE guidelines - Thyroid UK input??


Hello. This is my first post. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid about 4 months ago and cannot believe the impact that it has had. I am fortunate that I have a really super GP who I have a great professional respect for. I am hoping on my next visit I can have a chat with him about the information I have read on this forum (I know you advise against it, but this is a GP who wants his patient's to be well!). I think that quite often GPs feel that their hands are tied if they are acting against what is believed to be accepted practice, understandably given today's litigation obsession. At present the NICE guidelines for thyroid disease are being written. These guidelines will become the basis of our care. Also they could be a document that we could quote to our GPs, stopping any battles, if the care they recommend actually works for us. Is it possible for Thyroid UK to have some input into them? I don't know how you would go about this but you probably have the largest "thyroid community" and therefore have a real knowledge about what really helps.

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It would seem that ThyroidUK is already involved:

You could always contact Lyn for further information.

Caberra in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you. Hopefully sensible guidelines will be written which will benefit us all.

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