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T3 help please


I’m very to lucky to have trialled T3 but because I can’t get an endo appointment in time I will fall short.

Please can anyone recommended where I can get this without a prescription please.

I have been taking thybon henning.

I appreciate any help. Petrified to spiral back to where I was and also waiting to hear back from endo.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you not ring the endo or his secretary to pass a message on, to see if you can get a prescription before you appointment?

In the meantime if anyone can help Katieboo, please reply by PM as we can't discuss suppliers on the open forum.

I will close your post to replies and anyone who can help will reply by private message.

As a precaution you may wish to contact one of the Admin Team to ensure any information you have been sent is for a genuine supplier as we have recently had some spammers reaching out via PM. If that happens to please report them following the steps here


and let myself or another Admin know.

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